Mr.Pasawat Tipyotha

Mr.Pasawat Tipyotha
Geospatial Solutions Specialist
Trimble Navigation Limited

Pasawat Tipyotha is currently working with Trimble as Solutions Specialist for Geospatial Division APAC region. With a various Technology provided by Trimble he is responsible for presenting and providing latest and most efficient solutions to the industry. He has experienced in various South East Asia Surveying Projects Range from Cadastral, major infrastructure constructions to monitoring projects.

Pasawat graduated from Chulalongkorn University for his bachelor degree in survey engineering in 2004 and also held the master degree from University of Technology, Sydney for engineering management. He joined Trimble since 2008 as a Solutions Specialist for Geospatial division and recently expanding his portfolio for Geospatial. He is one of the certified instructor for Trimble UAS portfolio that required knowledge in Surveying and flying.