About The Conference

About The Conference

Dear Industry Partners,
As Asia accounts for more than half the world palm oil production and Thailand being the 3rd largest producer in the world, Asia’s palm oil industry is going through tremendous change to keep pace with increasing domestic demands.
With an emphasis on higher CPO output, more land is designated for palm oil cultivation in Asia and new refineries are setting up. Separately, the Thai palm oil industry is also keen to drive the development of sustainable palm oil production in their country.
Consequently, there is need for trade, investment, technology upgrades and financing. The best platform for you to get all information in one place is at the 8th edition of Asia Palm Oil Conference (APOC) 2019. Hosted by the Thai Oil Palm and Palm Oil Industry and co-hosted by the Asia Palm Oil Technology Association (APTA) we would like to welcome you to Chonburi, the plam oil new hub of Thailand.
I would encourage you to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to develop networks, and be part of Asia’s thriving palm oil industry.
I look forward to seeing you in Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand.

With Regards,
Kenny Yong
Chief Facilitator
Asia Palm Oil Technology Association (APTA)
Co-Host of Asia Palm Oil Conference (APOC) 2019

Key Highlights of the Event:

  • 9th Year in 2019 – Thailand’s longest standing and most successful palm oil conference
  • Featuring Asian palm oil leaders and global industrial experts
  • A good mixture of international and Asian attendees with high level profiles
  • Highly spoken by both international and Asian attendees
  • More value add networking functions

Be there at Asia’s premier Palm Oil Conference to

  • Exchange business cards
  • Establish new contacts
  • Engage top international experts
  • Examine new opportunities
  • Gain first hand market information