Mr.Tanardaj Sillapavitsawakul

Mr.Tanardaj Sillapavitsawakul,
Vice President of The Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association (ANGVA)
Topic: Return of Experience on the use of Evonik SEPURAN® Membranes and Biogas upgrading unit designed by ERDI in an integrated complex in Bangsaphan, Thailand
Graduated Bachelor Degree From Thammasat University – Sirindthorn International Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering department. Changed the First name from Rachen to Tanardaj on 2018.
2006 - Success on Diesel Duel Fuel system (DDF). Especially for Heavy Duty Vehicles. References - Summit Group, Hitachi Transport and etc. - 2nd bus&truck exhibitor with Sae-tong in PTT booth. 2007 - Success on Dedicated system (100% Gas) Both CNG and LPG. References - Thailand private bus, logistic companies.
2010 - CNG cylinder trader (Import).
2011 - Start export and educate the conversion system to South-East asia.
2012 - Trading full range of gas conversion system.
2013 - Become exclusive distributor of Bigas products (Cavagna group).
2013 - Win EGAT project (Conversion).
2013 - Become consultant for some Taxi Group in Thailand.
2014 - First success Dedicated heavy duty vehicle in Indonesia.
2015 - Become partnership with Raja Rafa Samudra (RRS).
2015 - Logistics business (Operate by Tiger Automotive).
2015 - LNG Truck conversion
2016 - First success Dedicated heavy dutu vehicle in Vietnam (Petrol Vietnam Gas). (Run >200,000Km without any problem)
2016 - Win government tender in Indonesia. (Bi-fuel Conversion)
2016 - gas for 3-13HP engines (Fisherman, Water pump, Generator and etc.).
2017 - Win government tender in Indonesia. (Bi-Fuel Conversion)
2017 - Renewable energy business (Biogas, Solar, Turbine, CBG and etc.)
2018 - Win government tender in Indonesia. (Heavy Duty conversion - PGN)
2018 - Import & Export CNG skid for transportation
2018 - DSN project (Biogas upgrading and diesel engine conversion) etc.